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Club house HESTIA Residence is in one of the most the best districts of Limassol - Germasogeia. There are high-quality infrastructure facilities within walking distance - supermarkets, parkland, pharmacies, fitness clubs, children's playgrounds, restaurants. One of the most popular Blue Flag beaches of the coast is within walking distance – Dasudi.

The main task of the complex HESTIA Residence – create a comfortable and positive atmosphere for people living in the very heart of the city who value privacy and quality pastime. Buy property in Cyprus in the club house HESTIA Residence, means to secure a chosen society, privacy and unrivaled comfort.

Individuality and highest quality

Each apartment in the complex is not like the others, has an expensive interior, high ceilings, embodies original architectural solutions. Convenient and thoughtful arrangement of premises, beautiful views of the surroundings, the proximity of the sea - all this gives club house HESTIA Residence uniqueness and originality.


When creating engineering networks of the complex, the latest technologies were used, which ensures maximum autonomy. Landscaped area and completely closed to outsiders infrastructure of the complex is intended only for property owners.

Club house HESTIA Residence, serviced by one of the best management companies Cyprus, which provides the highest level of service. In a guarded, private area located covered parking exclusively for residents, fitness room and outdoor areas with original landscape design.

At each communal site, and along the borders of the territory, 24-hour video surveillance is conducted, despite the fact that the house is located in the area Limassol with an impeccable reputation.

Exclusive penthouses and apartments in Limassol

Buyers are presented with three-, two- and one-bedroom apartments. Also the club house offers buy exclusive penthouses in Limassol with 4 bedrooms, panoramic windows, spacious terraces and magnificent views of Limassol и Mediterranean Sea. Penthouses have game rooms, additional bedrooms and a private pool with a huge terrace.

Features of the project

Impeccable quality in detail

When creating a project Hestia Residence the challenge was to achieve the highest quality that customers deserve real estate in Cyprus. All the smallest details are carefully thought out. When buying an apartment or penthouse in Limassol, future tenants will receive:

When designing Hestia Residence a high degree of energy efficiency was achieved through the use of the latest thermal insulation technologies, an energy-saving lighting system of high-quality double-glazed windows. Apartments and penthouses in Limassol in Hestia Residence consume much less energy and heat than standard housing.

All apartments in Hestia Residence in Cyprus are equipped with advanced lighting control systems and electrical appliances. The Smart Home system can be controlled via a digital touch screen or remotely via a special application on a smartphone. The apartments are also equipped with intercoms with bell functions and a video surveillance system.

Additional functions of the Smart home system:


Complex location

Complex Hestia Residence located in the most prestigious area of Limassol - Columbia. The main infrastructure of the city is located in the immediate vicinity: medical centers, supermarkets, banks, educational institutions, nightclubs, golf clubs and restaurants. Within walking distance there is a park area and the best beach in Limassol Dasudi, marked with the Blue Flag. Around Hestia Residence:

Larnaca and Paphos airports are located about 50 kilometers from the complex Hestia Residence.

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Floor plan

When buying an apartment in Limassol in Hestia Residence, property owners have access to the entire infrastructure of the complex. On the ground floor of the building there is a fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art sports equipment. The private secure car park is remotely accessible. Owners penthouses in Cyprus in Hestia Residence have 2 parking spaces. There is 1 parking space for the apartments. Also on the ground floor there are storage rooms, the right to which every homeowner has..



Photo report from 27.11.2021

Возведение балконов 27.11.2021 Хестия
Манипулятор 27.11.2021 поднимает материалы
Хеcтия Лимассол 27.11.2021 возведение лесов для балконов
Хеcтия Лимассол 27.11.2021 укрепление балконов
Хеcтия Лимассол 27.11.2021 строительные работы фасадный вид
Хеcтия Лимассол 27.11.2021 окончание черновых работ внутри

Photo report from 19.10.2021

Финишные фасадные работы 19.10.21 Хестия
Хеcтия Лимассол 19.10.21 прокладка кабелей
Хеcтия Лимассол 19.10.21 установка окон
Хеcтия Лимассол 19.10.21 окончание внешних работ и начало внутренних

Photo report from 25.07.2021

Хеcтия Лимассол 25.07.21 внешние работы
Хеcтия Лимассол 25.07.21 внешние работы фасад
Хеcтия Лимассол 25.07.21 внутренние работы
Хеcтия Лимассол 25.07.21 возведение лесов
Хеcтия Лимассол 25.07.21 окончание возведения основы здания
Хеcтия Лимассол 25.07.21 работа над фасадами
Хеcтия Лимассол 25.07.21 термоизоляция фасадов
Хеcтия Лимассол 25.07.21 утепление фасадов

Photo report from 26.05.2021

Хеcтия Лимассол 26.05.21 кладка плитки на пол
Хеcтия Лимассол 26.05.21 кладка плитки
Хеcтия Лимассол 26.05.21 внутренние работы
Хеcтия Лимассол 26.05.21 плитка на полу
Хеcтия Лимассол 26.05.21 термоизоляция здания
Хеcтия Лимассол 26.05.21 обшивка здания

Photo report from 23.02.2021

Хеcтия Лимассол 23.02.21 вид спереди
Хестия Лимассол вид спереди 23 февраля 2021 года
Хестия вид спереди февраль 23.02.21
Хестия Резиденц фасад стройка фронтальный вид 23 февраля 2021 года
Хестия Резиденц фасад стройка вид сбоку 23 февраля 2021 года
Хестия Резиденц фасад стройка вид внутри 23 февраля 2021 года
Хестия Резиденц фасад стройка вид внутри февраль 23 2021 года

Photo report from 11.11.2020

Хеcтия Лимассол 11.11.20 вид спереди
Хестия Лимассол вид сбоку 11 ноября 2020 года
Хестия вид справа 11.11.20
Хестия Резиденц фасад стройка фронтальный вид 11 ноября 2020 года

Construction Certificate for the completion of the construction of the frame

So the summer has passed, the holiday season in Cyprus has ended. But only in Hestia Residence the construction of the complex did not stop for a day. In August, the construction of the fourth floor and the frame of the building as a whole was completed. In this connection, a Construction Certificate was issued for the completion of work on the construction of the building frame Hestia Residence.

Future owners of apartments in this complex can visit the construction site and inspect the territories of their future apartments, see what views will open from the windows and terraces, and also agree with the architect about possible changes or wishes in the placement of dividing walls, bathrooms, etc.

If you don't know yet, then the best real estate in Limassol both in terms of the quality of construction, the prestige of the area, specific indicators, and the price per square meter - this, of course, is a premium class project Hestia Residence.

We also remind you that each purchased apartment in Limassol in complex Hestia Residence worth more than 300,000 euros is the basis for obtaining a Accelerated Permanent Residence in Cyprus.

Photo report from 01.09.20

Стройка комплекса Хестия, 1.09.2020
Стройка Хестии, вид сбоку 1.09.2020
Фасад стройки Хестия 1.09.20
Фасад стройки Хестия 1.09.20
Хестия издалека Стройка 1.09.2020
Вид Хестия 1.09.20

Works on the construction of the fourth floor. Plastering in the hall

In just 3 weeks by the builders of the complex Hestia Residence work was completed on the construction of the third floor and interfloor partitions between the third and fourth floors. At the moment, the installation of the supporting structures of the fourth floor is underway.

Simultaneously with the work on the fourth floor, our specialists are engaged in plastering the walls in the storerooms, the gym, the recreation room and in the hall of the complex. On the first and second floors, work continues on the construction of inter-apartment and interior walls. Complex Hestia Residence has already been named by construction specialists as one of the highest quality and most promising projects in Limassol. For those investors who wish buy an apartment in Limassol overlooking the sea in an area with developed infrastructure and walking distance to the sea - project Hestia Residence the most consistent with these wishes.

Don't forget that when buying apartments in Cyprus and, in particular, in the complex Hestia Residence, every investor has the right to register Residence permit in Cyprus.

Photo report from 08.08.20

Возведение межкомнатных перекрытий Хестия
Кирпич внутри Хестия 8.08.2020
Кирпич для межкомнатных перекрытий Хестия
Материал для внутренних работ Хестия
Металоконструкции Хестия
Общий работ внутри Хестия 8.08.2020
Панорманый вид со стройки Хестия
Работы внутри Хестия
Хестия отделочные работы внутри 8.08.20
Вид стройки комплекса Хестия 8.08.2020
Межкомнатные перекрытия Хестия 08.2020
Хестия Металоконструкции 8.08.2020

Construction of the third floor. Installation of interroom and interroom walls on the ground floor.

Having finished the work on pouring the interfloor floors between the second and third floors with concrete, our builders began work on the construction of the third floor. A team of carpenters and welders install metal structures for the concrete casting of the load-bearing beams. The installation of inter-apartment and inter-room walls on the first floor of the complex is also underway. Hestia Residence. The installation of brick walls between the storerooms is complete and ready for plastering. Future owners real estate in Limassol in complex Hestia Residence can already enjoy that sea view and Limassol, which opens from the apartments located on the third floor of this beautiful complex.

Construction of the third floor

At this stage, work has been completed on the construction of the frame of the second floor of the complex Hestia Residence and work has begun on the installation of metal structures for pouring concrete into the bearing beams. At the same time, a group of builders began work on installing brick walls between the storage rooms located on the ground floor of the complex and in the apartments on the ground floor. You can observe that already from the second floor of the complex, a small panoramic view of the sea and a stunning view of Limassol. First buyers living on Cyprus, visited the construction site and were satisfied with the progress and quality of construction of their future real estate by the sea.

Work on the construction of the second floor. Resumption of construction work after a 2-month quarantine

Unfortunately due to the pandemic Covid 19 and introduced In Cyprus two-month quarantine, construction of the complex Hestia Residence were temporarily suspended. But already on May 5, when restrictive measures on the work of construction sites In Cyprus and in particular in Limassol, were removed, we actively proceeded to continue construction work in the premium complex Hestia Residence. At the same time, at the moment, work has already been completed on the installation of metal structures for the interfloor overlap and bearing beams of the second floor. Premium real estate in Limassol is already showing its shape and the construction process continues to delight the eye of its investors in Cyprus property.

Work on the construction of the first floor.

With the completion of the construction of the load-bearing beams and the pouring of the interfloor overlap between the hallway and the first floor, we proceeded to install metal structures under the load-bearing beams of the first floor. The work is going on actively, in compliance with all building codes and using only certified materials. The boundaries of the future are already visible apartments. On the ground floor of the complex Hestia Residence there will be only two single beds the apartment, two two-bedroom apartments and two three-bedroom apartments. Already at this stage, all two-bedroom apartments in the complex have been sold. On the ground floor, there are single and three bedroom apartments for sale apartments.

Hestia Residence. Basement construction works

During the New Year holidays, the concrete pouring of the entrance group went through a drying process due to the warm climate and sunny days In Cyprus. Immediately after the holidays, we continued construction work on the complex Hestia Residence, namely, the installation of material structures and further concrete pouring of the bearing beams and interfloor floors. Future owners of apartments in Hestia Residence already now they can visit the construction site and see where their storage rooms, parking spaces, a common gym, etc. will be located. the area of the staircase and the elevator shaft is already clearly visible.

Installation of metal structures for the construction of the hall.

In the second half of the month, a team of builders began work on the construction of metal structures for pouring concrete into the load-bearing beams of the entrance group of the complex Hestia Residence. In the construction of this real estate in Limassol only high quality materials from well-known European manufacturers are used.

Entrance group of the complex Hestia Residence will consist of covered parking lots (one parking lot will be owned by apartments and two parking lots will be owned by penthouses), storage rooms for storing personal belongings and bicycles. There will also be a guest bathroom, a GYM with a shower and toilet.

Excavation work. Preparation of the site for pouring the foundation.

On the site where in the near future it will rise premium real estate – complex Hestia Residence excavation work began. The site is being cleared for the future foundation, construction markings, garbage collection. Construction equipment will come to the site very soon and the construction of the building frame will begin. This real estate in Limassol will offer its investors comfortable housing in one of the most popular areas of the city. It is already known that from the second floor Hestia Residence will open a unique view of the sea and directly to the city itself Limassol. And the apartments will be equipped with a system «Smart House», underfloor heating and built-in VRV air conditioning.

Official start of sales of apartments in the Hestia Residence complex.

Hestia Residence – premium property in cyprus.

Great news. Started sale of apartments and penthouses in Limassol in complex Hestia Residence. New project In Cyprus meets the highest standards of construction, energy saving and home comfort. The project of the complex was made by the famous In Cyprus architect, and the construction will be carried out by a company with a long-term worthy reputation. In just a year and a half, on a site located within walking distance to all the infrastructure necessary for a full life, real estate will be built In Cyprus, in which its future residents will feel comfortable.

In the first week of sales, 3 one bedroom and 2 two bedroom apartments were reserved.


Club house HESTIA Residence located in the most fashionable and expensive area Limassol Columbia. Despite this, prices for apartments in Cyprus in this residential complex is quite affordable compared to neighboring properties. This value for money is achieved due to the fact that real estate developer in Limassol and complex HESTIA Residence in particular, has for the construction of objects real estate in Cyprus own resources - heavy construction equipment and highly qualified specialists in the field of architectural design, engineering and its own design department. This approach avoids the services of intermediaries and makes apartment prices in Limassol very attractive.

Миниатюра спальня в Хестия


Number щf bedrooms: 1 Apartment area: 68 – 82 sq.m. Price: 225.000 – 235.000 Euro + VAT
Миниатюра спальня в Хестия


Number of bedrooms: 2 Apartment area: 118 sq.m. Price: SOLD
Миниатюра спальня в Хестия


Number of bedrooms: 3 Apartment area: 156 - 163 sq.m. Price: 430.000 - 470.000 Euro + VAT
Миниатюра спальня в Хестия


Number of bedrooms: 4 + 1 Apartment area: 282 - 291 sq.m. Price: 1.700.000 - 1.750.000 Euro + VAT
Room Number of bedrooms Inside M2 Covered Veranda M2 Uncovered veranda M2 Common areas M2 STORE AREA M2 Total area M2 Parking places Price VAT excluded
101 3 110 33 - 15 5 163 1 Sold
102 2 82 20 7 11 5 118 1 Sold
103 1 52 18 - 7 5 82 1 Sold
104 1 52 18 - 7 5 82 1 Sold
105 2 82 20 7 11 5 118 1 Sold
106 3 110 33 - 15 5 163 1 Sold
107 1 53 10 - 7 5 75 1 Sold
201 3 110 26 7 15 5 156 1 Sold
202 2 82 20 - 11 5 118 1 Sold
203 1 52 18 - 7 5 82 1 Sold
204 1 52 11 7 7 5 75 1 Sold
205 2 82 20 - 11 5 118 1 Sold
206 3 110 26 7 15 5 156 1 Sold
207 1 53 10 - 7 5 75 1 Sold
301 3 110 26 - 15 5 156 1 Sold
302 2 82 20 - 11 5 118 1 Sold
303 1 52 11 7 7 5 74 1 Sold
304 1 52 18 - 7 5 82 1 Sold
305 2 82 20 - 11 5 118 1 Sold
306 3 110 26 - 15 5 156 1 Sold
307 1 53 3 - 7 5 75 1 Sold
401 4+STUDIO 202 35 263 27 27 291 2 € 1750000
402 4+STUDIO 193 35 210 27 27 282 2 € 1700000
403 1 52 10 55 7 5 74 2 Sold











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